Happy St. Catherines Day!!

To all the single ladies - Happy St. Catherines Day!! Yup ladies, you have your own Saint. Supposedly, St Catherine was beheaded by Emperor Maximinus II around 305AD in Alexandria, not sure why this tragic event happened to her. The day has now become a big celebration for women, particularly single ladies around the world and in particular, France. There is a little French pray for today "Donnez-moi, Seigneur, un mari de bon lieu! Qu'il soit doux, opulent, libréal et agréable!!" (Lord, give me a well suited husband. Let him be gentile, rich, gernerous and pleasant!). Oh dear!! LOL, who comes up with this stuff, daft!!

However, the reason I'm highlighting this tradition today is that single ladies in France are called "Catherinettes", and they get to wear wonderful yellow (for faith) and green (for wisdom) hats!! The more outrageous the hat the better, traditionally friends or family make the hats. I found this lovely picture in www.leparisien.fr, these ladies with their flower headpieces are just wonderful!

Enjoy today and your fabulous singleness ladies!!

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